Biblical Poetry: The Legacy of the Psalms in Late Antiquity and Byzantium​


Unfortunately, in response to the evolving situation with Covid-19, the conference has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in a later periodIt will be our care to let you know the new date as soon as possible.

Let’s feel united in this difficult moment.

Ghent University, April 23-24 2020


Chludov Psalter, fol. 147v (image: M.V. Ščepkina and I.S. Dujčev, Miniatjury Chludovskoj psaltyri : grečeskij illjustrirovannyj kodeks IX veka, Moskow 1977)




Scientific Committee

Floris Bernard (Ghent), Cristina Cocola (Ghent-Leuven), Reinhart Ceulemans (Leuven),

Kristoffel Demoen (Ghent), Koen De Temmermann (Ghent), Anna Gioffreda (Vienna),

Krystina Kubina (Vienna), Stefano Parenti (Regensburg), Andreas Rhoby (Vienna), Rachele Ricceri (Ghent),

Claudia Sode (Köln), Maria Tomadaki (Ghent), Peter Van Deun (Leuven), Emilie van Opstall (Amsterdam),

Julie Van Pelt (Ghent), Berenice Verhelst (Ghent), Joseph Verheyden (Leuven).



Research Framework

This colloquium is organised within the framework of the projects David, our Orpheus. Reception, Rewritings and Adaptations of the Psalms in Byzantine Poetry (funded by the FWO – Flemish Research Foundation) and The Legacy of the Psalms in Byzantine Poetry: Book Epigrams and Metrical Paraphrases (funded by the FWO – Flemish Research Foundation and the FWF – Austrian Science Fund), which are being carried out at Ghent University, KU Leuven and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.