Day 1 (23 April)


9h – 9h30 Welcome and registration


9h30 – 9h40 Introduction (Kristoffel Demoen, Andreas Rhoby)


Session 1: Rewritings I (chair Kristoffel Demoen)

9h40 – 10h20 Andrew Faulkner (Waterloo), Authority and Innovation in the Metaphrasis Psalmorum

Respondent: Reinhart Ceulemans

10h20 – 11h00 Konstantinos Melidis – Maria Ypsilanti (Nicosia), Greek and Latin Paraphrases of the Psalms 2 and 136 (137). Pseudo-Apollinarius and Paulinus of Nola: a Comparative Study

Respondent: Berenice Verhelst


11h00 – 11h20 break


Session 2: Gregory of Nazianzus and Beyond (chair Floris Bernard)

11h20 – 12h00 Alessandro De Blasi (Padua), “We Too Will Compose Psalms” Gregory of Nazianzus’ Poetry in the Wake of the Psalms 

Respondent: Kristoffel Demoen

12h00 – 12h40 Thomas Kuhn-Treichel (Heidelberg), The Psalms as a Justification for Christian Poetry: from Gregory of Nazianzus to the Metaphrasis Psalmorum

Respondent: Rachele Ricceri


12h40 – 14h lunch


Session 3: Personal Poetry (chair Krystina Kubina)

14h – 14h40 Marina Bazzani (Oxford), The use and function of Psalms in the Exomologesis and the personal poems of John Geometres

Respondent: Emilie Van Opstall

14h40 – 15h20 Ugo Carlo Luigi Mondini (Milan), Voicing Political Relief through Psalms: Manuel II Palaiologos and the Battle of Ankara

Respondent: Anna Gioffreda


15h20 – 15h40 break


Session 4: Komnenian Period (chair Reinhart Ceulemans)

15h40 – 16h20 Alberto Ravani (Oxford), Πολλάκις πολλοῖς καὶ διαφόροις τρόποις. Themes and Purpose of Euthymius Zigabenus’ Commentary on the Psalms

Respondent: Joseph Verheyden

16h20 – 17h Giulia Gerbi (Venice – Paris), Τίνας ἂν εἴποι λόγους ὁ Δαυίδ. A Triptych of Ethopoeiae Portraying David in Nikephoros Basilakes’s Progymnasmata

Respondent: Maria Tomadaki


19h dinner


Day 2 (24 April)

Session 5: Poetry from the Psalter (chair Anna Gioffreda)

9h30 – 10h10 Floris Bernard (Ghent), The Place of the Psalms in Byzantine Historical Consciousness about Metre and Poetry

Respondent: Andreas Rhoby

10h10 – 10h50 Rachele Ricceri (Ghent), Striking the Psalm-Inspired Lyre: the Poetry of Byzantine Psalter Epigrams

Respondent: Peter Van Deun


10h50 – 11h10 break


Session 6: Shared Heritage (chair Peter Van Deun)

11h10 – 11h50 Barbara Crostini (Uppsala), The Poetry of Prayer: Psalms as a Meeting-Point of Cultures

Respondent: Reinhart Ceulemans

11h50 – 12h30 Michael Zellmann-Rohrer (Oxford), Ritual Poetry: The Reception of the Psalms in Byzantine Magic

Respondent: Julie Van Pelt


12h30 – 14h lunch


Session 7: Liturgical and Performative Poetry (chair Rachele Ricceri)

14h – 14h40 Cristina Cocola (Ghent – Leuven), The Art of Singing with the Psalms in Nikephoros Kallistos Xanthopoulos’ Kατανυκτικά

Respondent: Stefano Parenti

14h40 – 15h20 Antonia Giannouli (Nicosia), David and the Book of Psalms in Byzantine Hymnography

Respondent: Floris Bernard


15h20–15h40 break


Session 8: Rewritings II (chair Andreas Rhoby)

15h40 – 16h20 Anna Gioffreda (Vienna), Reworking the Psalms: Manuel Philes ́ Metaphrasis

Respondent: Krystina Kubina

16h20 – 17h Christian Høgel (Southern Denmark), God’s Dwelling Place: Greek Rewritings of Psalms 25 and 26

Respondent: Claudia Sode


17h – 17h20 Concluding remarks (Floris Bernard, Reinhart Ceulemans, Rachele Ricceri)


17h30 Reception, generously sponsored by Brepols Publishers


PDF of the Programme